Terms and Conditions Stilo Latino Festival


WATCH OUT: It’s not allowed to bring big bags, suitcases, or backpacks to the festival terrain.

Food, beverages, cups, bidons are not allowed to bring on the festival. Glass is not to be seen on the terrain at all. Furthermore, it’s not allowed to sell any services or goods in and around the festival terrain without the consent of the Stilo Latino.

Open fire on the terrain is restricted.

The following items are absolutely not allowed on the festival terrain:

Knives, firearms, weapons, spray cans (also deodorant and perfume), fireworks, flares, laughing gas patterns, skates, steps, skateboards, laser pens and other light beams, walkie-talkies, chairs, benches, bikes, drones or other aircrafts, umbrella’s, parasols and other to Stilo Latino personnel, dangerous or troublesome items.

Items that are not allowed are not being stored by the organization but thrown away. If you went to the festival with a car you can put the items in there. We are obligated to hand in and report everything that is illegal to the police.

It’s not allowed to flyer or to put up posters on or around the festival terrain without permission of the Stilo Latino crew. Graffiti and tags on the terrain are seen as damage to our belongings and will be prosecuted. This can also get you removed from the terrain.

Professional photo-, video- and audio equipment is not allowed on the terrain without our consent. The Stilo Latino crew determines if the equipment is professional or not. Cell phones, and regular digital cameras are allowed.


When entering the terrain, you have to give us the permission the search you. If you deny our search, we have to deny access to the festival. If you are visibly intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, you’re also not allowed to enter. The Dutch ‘Opiumwet’ is active on the festival. Sales in soft- and hard drugs is not allowed, same as the possession of drugs.

The terrain is at a lake, please don’t swim, this is not allowed. Smoking is only allowed in the open fields, not underneath the tents.


To enter the festival you have to be 18 years or older.

You have to carry a legitimate ID, driver license or passport to enter the terrain.

Rules and regulations and instructions of Stilo Latino

The security staff, fire brigade, and other authorized persons shall be made in the best interest of their own safety. Security is mandatory and will be followed. Undesirable behavior will not be tolerated. We ask you to be respectful of your fellow visitor, and the Stilo Latino crew, as well as the buildings in the festival site. It is also forbidden for any building, tent and any other infrastructure as well. Clothes in group forming text is allowed, when provided they are not offensive or threatening to others. The organization of the Stilo Latino reserves the right to refuse people on the basis of the clothes and group forming properties. Going into the festival grounds and taking part in the program is entirely at your own risk. Please be on time for the programs that are in the tents because of the safety, first come, first served.

Use of the safe is always at your own risk. Stilo Latino is not responsible for losing jackets, bags, etc.

The music can be tough so we recommend that you always wear hearing protection near speakers. If you don’t have earplugs with you or them got lost during the events, there are earplugs for sale on the festival grounds. Stilo Latino accepts no liability for any suffered hearing damage.

During Stilo Latino photos or film images for reports, website, promotional purposes and such are allowed. By buying a ticket and entering the festival area, it gives visitors permission to make these recordings for these purposes.

Inside is inside. Once you are on the festival grounds, it is no longer possible to leave, then come back to this.


Bringing food, (alcoholic) drinks and/or drugs is not allowed.

Visitors have to be 18 years or older to enter

Visitors are frisked in advance

Drug use and excessive alcohol consumption is not allowed

Use of the safe is always at your own risk. Stilo Latino is not responsible for losing jackets, bags, etc.

It is forbidden to advertise without the consent of the organization matters beyond the then current sponsor agreements.

It is, outside officially designated photographers, not allowed to take pictures on Stilo Latino festival with professional cameras.

All indications of the Organization, security guards, first aiders, waiters and all the other staff must be followed.

Visitors go to respectful with the festival site. In trees and scaffolding, climbing is not allowed.

The Organization has the right to refuse or remove any visitor from the terrain. Access to the festival may be refused if:

-You are under 18, or you can’t legitimize (valid)

-You in apparent State of intoxication and/or under the influence of drugs.  -Your exhaust offensive towards staff or other visitors.

When entering the festival site you agree with all the above rules.