Stilo Latino is the style of Latinos

This is the place where all Latin-American styles and flavors get together.
Take a look and experience how Latinos get down to party! Music with a good vibe, nice melodies, a lot of dancing, original food and a lot of happy faces.
You can expect all of this just by looking at our international artists, DJ’s that know how to make a party, live dance-acts & percussion!

After our first festival edition in 2019 we’re preparing you for our festival in 2020 already! Check our after movie here!

Do you dance to Bachata, Salsa, Reggaeton or Baila Funk?
Over here it doesn’t matter what you prefer, you’ll feel at home anyhow!

What type of music can you expect?

Reggaeton, Baile funk, Bachata, tropical bass, Latin-house, Salsa, Latin-Urban and more!